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Temporary suspension of the Schengen Treaty in France

  From 1 May until 31 October, France has announced a temporary suspension of the Schengen Agreement on its territory. But what exactly is the Schengen […]

Sumemos juntos

  Let’s start the New Year and let us do it together         

We improve Flex to bring you Express Groupage transport

  Since the founding year in 1998 HTG Express has been specialised in providing the best possible dedicated express transport service throughout Europe: an ideal service […]

Transport Logistic: See you in Munich?

  Our company HTG Express will participate in the next Munich Transport fair 2023 which will take place from 9 to 12 May at the fairgrounds […]

3 keys to choose a transport by land or by air

  Transport is a service that offers to take cargo from point A to point B. Up to this point, there is no possible discussion. However, […]

Ah well, Christmas time

  Ah well, Christmas time. You already know what it means…         

Combined transport and its main advantages

Combined transports are using two or more types of transporting to offer one singular service. This is agreed between the client and a carrier that may […]

The importance of the CMR in road transport

Anyone who has ever carried out a road transport knows the importance of the CMR, or the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of […]

7 roads to enjoy transport

We have to travel back four millennia to India to date the origin of a road as we know it. In Europe, however, it was the […]

EORI number, basic to imports and exports

In order to carry out any transport, in addition to having the necessary means or, failing that, the appropriate service providers, there are certain basic concepts […]

6 keys to the change of paradigm in post-pandemic land transport

Two years after Covid’19 shook international logistics, the sector is still far from stabilising, despite accumulating a growth of up to 15% in activity. And although […]

Working with Morocco or working from Morocco, a key difference for success

For more than two years, transport has been affected by total or partial restrictions between Europe and Morocco. A few days ago, regular transit from Tarifa […]
Aerial view of harbor and trucks parked along side each other getting ready for embarking the Dover Ferry to Calais

Why do transport costs keep rising?

This is probably a question that companies all over the world are asking themselves, as they have seen their logistics costs rising in the last few […]

Key points of the Mobility Package for road freight transports

Road transport in Europe is going through a period of major changes with the EU’s new Mobility Package. The new regulation draws a very different map […]

Let’s move forward together in 2022

  Let’s move forward together in 2022     

The first steps in customs management

Without the right guidance, getting started in any transport where customs clearance is involved can be a challenge. That’s why having the right advice and knowledge […]

Pallets : the basis for transporting goods

Transporting all types of goods in complex logistics chains would not be possible without a standardised base to facilitate their handling. That´s why since the middle […]

Combined transport by land and air

A combined transport, sometimes referred to as a multimodal transport, uses different types of delivery modes. This concept integrates several options in a single flow and […]

How vans are winning the road transport race

Traditionally, road transport has been associated with the use of trucks, carrying large quantities of goods on their trailers by road. But as in the legend […]

Curiosities about Europe’s last borders

Many of the border crossings around the world have great peculiarities and Europe is no exception. Although customs have all but disappeared these days, many of […]

Packaging, how to protect your goods

The safety of any shipment, especially in express industrial transport, begins with packaging that is suitable for its characteristics. Experienced professionals in the sector combine the […]

Essential transport infrastructures in Morocco

An extensive network of infrastructures is necessary for a country to become one of the places with the highest demand for freight transports. Whether by road, […]

The most important regions for transporting to Morocco

Morocco’s growth as a key player in the international transport sector is reflected in the increasing financial investments that are allowing the creation of industrial zones […]


Whether you´re a customer, supplier, friend or simply interested in the growth of HTG Express, the logistics sector in general or critical transport, welcome to our blog. […]

The most extended logistical flow models

There are different variants in the process of receiving and distributing any cargo, all with their own special characteristics and critical factors to take into account. […]

24-hour tracking team: essential in international transport

Any success in the development of land transport depends on having an experienced and attentive 24-hour monitoring team. Particularly outside normal working hours, the peace of […]

Keys for express transport to Morocco

Providing a successful express industrial transport service worldwide is a challenge based on excellence in details, experience and the ability to meet the specific requirements of […]

Advantages of air transport over maritime trade

Air freight has established itself with increasing authority as one of the best alternatives to classic maritime trade. Air express services such as HTG Express offer […]

Tight-flow logistics and its impact on transport

One of the challenges a transport company may face is that of supplying a production line that employs tight flow logistics. But what does this mean? […]

Does Ramadan affect transport to Morocco?

When visiting a country it is necessary to learn about and adapt to the customs of the place, especially in professional sectors such as transport. The […]

Strengthening our service with a new office in Romania

The presence of HTG Express is expanding thanks to the opening of a new transport management centre in the city of Oradea (Romania). This new expansion […]

Let’s move forward together in 2021

  Let’s move forward together in 2021     

How is transport with the United Kingdom after Brexit?

On 1 January 2021 customs between the European Union and the United Kingdom will be back. Peace of mind: we transport to UK without problems. But […]
Puerto de Tanger (Marruecos) en una vista desde el mar

Tangier, vital for transport between Morocco and Europe

  One of the most important places for intercontinental trade throughout history has been Tangier. This coastal city in Morocco, where HTG Express has been physically […]

Quiz “How much do you know about HTG Express?”

You probably already know that we are always there when you need us and that we are your solution for your transports in Europe (road) and […]
Design that reflects the automation of transport with digital devices.

We put our transport experience to use in the Carriby project

The search for continuous improvement has led us, in recent years, to implement many new features into our industrial express transport services. Digitization plays an increasingly […]

Further steps in digitalization: towards more efficient transport

The integration of technology into the day-to-day business of transport is in our DNA. The digitalization of our processes makes us more agile, decisiveand enable us […]

Coronavirus: we reorganize to continue delivering

The COVID-19 epidemic is affecting everyone, with particular incidence in some countries that have already adopted more restrictive measures. The consequence for any economic activity is […]
Chinese map

Charter services for your air shipments from or towards China

Due to the current situation in China, the number of available aircrafts with destination or origin China has been drastically reduced or cancelled. About 70 airlines […]

Committed to our community for another year

We continue to help initiatives or teams that meet our values in transport. For example, we support, children’s teams that teach respect, effort, responsibility and passion for […]


Thank you for 2019. Welcome to 2020.

Tangier Med: the Morocco’s commitment to leading transport in the Mediterranean.

The Moroccan port of Tangier Med is the largest port in Africa and the Mediterranean in cargo capacity and the second in the Arab world. Located […]

Sport, a key element for a healthy company

In addition to being loaded with positive values, sport is vital for the personal and professional development of a person. As some studies* indicate, physical exercise […]

Using technology to improve your shipments

In order to offer the best urgent industrial transport services, in HTG Express we use the latest technology in logistics. It enables us to optimize the […]

5 key points about HTG Express services

Whether it´s for an urgent industrial transport by road between two European cities or for an express delivery by air from the other side of the […]

Providing fast answers: a complete solution in less than 10 minutes

Teams dedicated to customer groups and a strategic positioning of our fleet of vehicles across Europe give us a competitive edge to offer our customers both […]

HAPPY 2019

The time has come.

A year filled with achievements for the HTG Express “family”

Little by little, the “HTG Express family” is growing and supporting an increasing number of teams and projects. In 2018, we sponsored a variety of sporting disciplines : the Eglantins […]

Much more than transport: learning to save lives

A few days ago, we organized a Basic First Aid course delivered by the Red Cross in our offices in Irún. It was just one of the activities that […]

Flexibility as an ally of urgent industrial transports

Things are going well. The factory in Hannover is working at full capacity. Various assembly lines are depending on it. You discover with horror that there is […]

How are express transports affected during the summer ?

The good weather and holidays have arrived, but in HTG Express we remain, as always, fully operational. Nonetheless, the industrial urgent transport situation changes and there are […]

Airfreight Division : air routes around the world

Over the last few years, our air service has developed and now we are able to offer express industrial transports across the world thanks to strategic agreements reached with international […]

20 years have sped by !

The company HIRUTRANS GARRAIOAK S.L. (HTG Express) was founded on the 22nd June 1998 offering express industrial transport with a guaranteed quality service. However, what has proved […]

HTG Express ranked 14th of the fastest growing SMEs between 2008 and 2015

According to an article published in EMPRESA XXI on the 15th January, HTG Express is ranked 14th out of a total of 90 companies. To be […]

Years of involvement in sport and culture

Our corporate social responsibility policy illustrates the commitment we have in HTG Express since the beginning. Every year, we sponsor a large variety of cultural and […]

HAPPY 2018

The whole HTG Express team wishes you an excellent holiday  

Express service: much more than just speed

From our beginnings in the express shipping industry, our main focus has been to understand and pass on the different possibilities that an express shipment can offer. […]

HTG Express is multilingual

Sometimes HTG Express offices look like a language school. On any given day you can hear several languages at the same time: English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, […]

HTG Express all over the world in images

In HTG Express, we have itchy feet and enjoying travelling. Belonging to the world of transport inspires us to take a special look at the places where our vehicles […]

The Olazabal siblings strive to take canoe-kayaking to the highest level with the support of HTG Express

In HTG Express, we enjoy receiving news updating us about work, efforts and results from the people we sponsor, such as the canoe-kayakists Telmo y Klara Olazabal. From […]

HTG Express giving out prizes for Bidasoa Junior Football Clubs Tournament

600 boys and girls – under 10 and under 12 – participated in the qualifier and final matches that took place on the 10th, 11th, 17th […]

HTG Express sponsors junior padel teams in Galicia

HTG Express sponsors the female and male junior padel teams of the Compostelle squash club. The club has seven courts, 4 competing teams and hundreds of members, amongst them some Galician champions from […]

In HTG Express, we work so that you can sleep

It´s 11 o´clock at night and we´re having a chat with Isabel, who works in the Vigo offices, about her work during the night shift for […]

Mariño Sports Club and HTG-Express, a relationship that goes smoothly

HTG´s relationship with sports club Mariño in Irún (Spain) goes back a long way. We share many of the same values that we apply to our […]

Web site launch: more appealing and functional

  In HTG Express, we are releasing a new web page for improved navigation so you can find the information you are looking for related to […]

We keep track of your goods at all times

In HTG Express we strive to improve the service we provide to customers entrusting us with their urgent shipments. We use technological advances relevant to the logistical […]

“We are grateful to HTG Express for their support”

The siblings Klara and Telmo Olazabal started canoeing at a very early age. When they were barely five years old, these two youngsters from Irun in […]

Txita y el final de proyecto Biziz

It all happened so quickly that it´s difficult to believe that the 5 expeditions have already arrived home. More than 20 000 km travelled, full of […]

Dani Ruiz (Txita): “HTG Express is the perfect partner”

It´s a pleasure to work in a collaborative way like we do with Txita Txirrindak, the bicycle-taxi company. For the last few months we have been […]

BIZIZ Project: Closer to home

At this stage, the expeditions are getting closer to home. “Architecture” and “Gastronomy” are on two different “Camino de Santiago” paths travelling towards San Sebastian: the […]

The BIZIZ project travels across the sea

The « Gastronomy » convoy set off from Athens.  After crossing the Peloponnese and travelling up the Italian boot, they are beginning the month of August by jumping into the sea.  […]

Biziz Project

The “Biziz” Project expeditions have begun their adventure. Their long journey home has started but they still have ahead of them a million turns of the […]

Where does the motto “We deliver peace of mind” come from ?

A while ago we started a reflection about our brand and the values that we transmit to our customers.  Over the course of a few weeks we […]

BIZIZ : 15.000 km by bicycle start with HTG Express

In a few days, the project BIZIZ will start.  Five expeditions including 2 tricycles and a bicycle will travel 15 000 km throughout Europe as itinerant ambassadors […]

Customised urgent transport solutions

When we ask a customer about their express requirements, the majority reply they don´t have any as all is perfectly planned so that goods are shipped via […]

Have you heard about our Airfreight Division ?

On board courier, express airfreight and charter flights.  Different solutions for your deliveries that cannot wait. Our customers put their most critical and delicate goods in our hands.  As an example, our On board courier service : last week, […]

Commitment to our customers and to the community

In HTG Express, we offer a personalized solution for the urgent transportation of your valuable or fragile goods. We also believe in supporting promising young local athletes […]