FAQS - HTG Express



I´m not currently a supplier for HTG Express but I would like to become one. How can I contact HTG Express ?

On our web site in the Suppliers/Homologation process section, you will find a questionnaire to fill in with your company details. A person from our Suppliers department will contact you.

Does HTG Express have a 24 hour service ?

Yes, we have people available around the clock, 365 days a year to take care of both customer and supplier needs.


I am already a supplier for HTG Express and I would like to inform about the daily availability of my vehicles.

In the Suppliers/MyHTG section of our web site, enter your email address to receive a link, access our system and enter details about the availability of your vehicles. By clicking on the "Help" button, you will find further information.


Is it obligatory to send the original CMR ?

In order to be payed for the service provided, you must always send it by post within 7 days after delivery, indicating our reference number at the top.

What happens if I lose the original paperwork ?

Payment of the shipment will be withheld until our customer gives his approval and pays us.


What do I have to do to change my bank account?

You must send a bank certificate of the new account by email to admon@htg-express.com

How can I request a change in my details ? Payment method, address...

You must send your requests by email to admon@htg-express.com


HTG Express has entrusted me to carry out a shipment. What steps do I need to take ?

1/ Ensure that information in the Transport Order matches the Traffic Operator´s instructions 2/ Once you have checked, confirm that you have received the Transport Order using the link.
3/ Communicate the code that appears in the APP CODE field to the driver. Enter the code to activate the AppHTG Suppliers.
4/ Follow the steps indicated in our AppHTG Suppliers whilst respecting any instructions given by HTG Express,
5/ After unloading, send a picture of the CMR via the AppHTG Suppliers. HTG Express needs to receive the original copy of the CMR within 7 days after delivery of goods.

If I am entrusted with a shipment, how can I fulfill the obligation to inform HTG Express of the different steps of the service ?

By using the AppHTG Suppliers, available on the Play Store of Android devices. A User manual is available on our web site in the Suppliers section.

I have an enquiry, however the AppHTG Suppliers cannot help. What should I do ?

HTG Express offers a 24/7/365 service. There is always someone available to help solve a problem where the AppHTG Suppliers doesn´t have the answer.


HTG Express has entrusted me to carry out a shipment. What are the payment conditions ?

Our usual payment conditions are 60 days as long as we have correctly received the picture of the CMR after delivery and the original CMR less than 7 days after delivery, clearly indicating the HTG Express reference number. We can pay in shorter time frames, applying a reduction of 2% (payment days 10th, 20th and 30th of the month) as long as we have received the original CMR mentioning HTG Express´reference number as well as your express agreement.

Are there specific days for autoinvoicing ?

Yes, the 10th, 20th, 30th of each month (if a Bank holiday, then the next business day)


When does HTG Express sends the auto-invoicing ?

After receiving the original CMR by post and verifying it, it is self-invoiced and sent on the 6th, 16th and 26th of the month.

I haven´t received the self-invoice. What could be the problem ?

That the original documentation has not arrived, that your email address is not correct or that you have received our mail in your SPAM folder.)

How can I request a copy of the auto-invoicing ?

You can request it by email : admon@htg-express.com indicating the number of the auto-invoice or our reference number.

The invoice amount is not correct. What should I do?

You must send an email to admon@htg-express.com indicating our reference number and the reason for the claim.