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Homologation process

How to become part of our network of partners

We have developed standards that enable us to maintain the quality of our service anytime, anywhere. That is why we have a homologation process to join our team of partners.


Become a partner

If you want to join our network, follow these 4 steps :


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2 Documentation


Once we have received the form, a colleague will contact you to complete further information about the company, documentation, vehicles, etc.


3 Validated and enter network


Our partners in the Suppliers Department will review and check the data received. If everything is correct, you will enter the Partners Network and you will be able to receive information about transports immediately.


4 Continuous improvement


As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement, we periodically analyse the quality of services. The analysis may directly influence the status assigned to each partner within our organization.



Advantages of being part of the team

Joining the large network of HTG Express partners has a lot of benefits.  Would you like to find out more ?

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