Tangier Med: the Maghreb’s commitment to leading transport in the Mediterranean.

Tanger MedThe Moroccan port of Tangier Med is the largest port in Africa and the Mediterranean in cargo capacity and the second in the Arab world. Located 45 km from Tangier, it has a large industrial zone and a customs free zone with more than 900 international companies, with a predominance of several from the automotive sector.

In HTG Express we have a specialized team that manages exports and imports to and from Morocco or Tunisia. We always act with agility and speed in customs formalities, something vital in industrial urgent transport, where the delay of a few parts when crossing a border can lead to significant losses.

Of course, our Maghreb service includes HTG Express personalized attention for land, air or both combined shipments, with full 24/365 tracking and with all goods tracking information. If you need a door to door transport, safe and guaranteed to Morocco or Tunisia, contact us!


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