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Non standard packaging

The most suitable urgent transport for technology

We are focused on industry and we know how important it is to transport products with added value, such as technological elements or special prototypes.


At key moments when transport can be vital to the company, we are your reliable logistics partner in whom you can place that responsibility.

We will organize the transport to load in the chosen origin, with full guarantees, maximum care and to deliver it with a continuous tracking until destination. Always with a reliable service with guaranteed delivery on time.


When you have to send non-standard goods

Every time I have to send some of our machines to my customers we contact HTG Express. They are usually high-value and voluminous items, cannot be palletized and therefore require the utmost care when transporting. That's why I prefer entrusting my goods to those that are used to dealing with these kind of transports.

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Other formats by content:
Crates and pallets

All the standards used in factories, warehouses and production platforms will find their mode of transport in HTG Express.

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Fragile or delicate goods

For shipments which require special care, we control the integrity of your transport at every step.

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Find out more about our express services