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Express transport with premium features

You decide the speed, delivery time and conditions of transportation. With our premium service, you have all the benefits for your transport at your disposal.


Express Premium is the solution for those critical loads that need immediate delivery.

A service that prioritizes rapid response and delivery, the convenience of follow-up and peace of mind on time of delivery.


With our 200 exclusive vehicles and our 7,000 partners we can intervene in maximum 2 hours anywhere in Europe.


With Premium, you can arrange delivery in the shortest possible time or at an agreed time.


An exclusive service for your most critical, valuable and/or fragile products with the guarantee of a dedicated service.


Door to door transport

So that the sending company nor the recipient has to move and the transport is carried out from key point to key point.

Transport Tracking 24/24 and 365 days/year

Our team continuously monitors the progress of each transport to ensure success whatever the circumstances.

Online information via MyHTG

Our online platform for transport management enables you to request immediate deliveries, plan them and track their progress in real time.

Secure and guaranteed deliveries

The continuous tracking of goods means that we can guarantee proper loading and delivery conditions.

Personalised attention all day long

Our Team are the key. You can always expect to have your needs will be correctly handled by our team.



Roadside assistance: rescuing the goods from a damaged truck en route

Having a good logistics partner is a true lifeline for critical situations. A while ago we were at risk of chain stop because one of our line trucks had broken down in the south of France, on the Belgium-Spain route. It carried pallets of automotive parts that were vital for production.

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Discover other urgent services