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Crates and pallets

All shapes and models

We cover all standard packaging dimensions, so that, whatever your system for the protection and transportation of goods, at HTG Express we can transport them fully guaranteed.


After 25 years dedicated to industrial urgent transport, at HTG Express we are ready to take on any shipment of any type of goods. Above all, with the most frequently used packaging, be they palletised or in individual crates.

There are several standard formats with which industrial goods can be packed and grouped. The most common ones are the following:


A door-to-door service for greater peace of mind

HTG Express offers a comprehensive service, from the loading to the delivery point either by road or air. We already knew that they collected at origin and delivered at destination without any intermediaries. This gives us peace of mind because it ensures goods are always monitored without going through any warehouses.

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Other formats by content
Non-standard packaging

Prototypes, special parts, high value products... Solutions to transport goods with full guarantees.

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Do you have an express transport in view?

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Find out more about our express services