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EORI number, basic to imports and exports

In order to carry out any transport, in addition to having the necessary means or, failing that, the appropriate service providers, there are certain basic concepts […]

6 clés pour comprendre la situation post-pandémie du transport terrestre

Deux ans après l’ébranlement de la logistique internationale par la COVID-19, le secteur est encore loin de se stabiliser, malgré une croissance de l’activité pouvant atteindre […]

Travailler avec le Maroc ou travailler depuis le Maroc, une différence essentielle pour la réussite

Depuis plus de deux ans, le secteur du transport s’est vu affecté par des restrictions totales ou partielles entre l’Europe et le Maroc. Quelques mois après […]
Aerial view of harbor and trucks parked along side each other getting ready for embarking the Dover Ferry to Calais

Why do transport costs keep rising?

This is probably a question that companies all over the world are asking themselves, as they have seen their logistics costs rising in the last few […]

The first steps in customs management

Without the right guidance, getting started in any transport where customs clearance is involved can be a challenge. That’s why having the right advice and knowledge […]

Combined transport by land and air

A combined transport, sometimes referred to as a multimodal transport, uses different types of delivery modes. This concept integrates several options in a single flow and […]

How vans are winning the road transport race

Traditionally, road transport has been associated with the use of trucks, carrying large quantities of goods on their trailers by road. But as in the legend […]

Curiosities about Europe’s last borders

Many of the border crossings around the world have great peculiarities and Europe is no exception. Although customs have all but disappeared these days, many of […]

Packaging, how to protect your goods

The safety of any shipment, especially in express industrial transport, begins with packaging that is suitable for its characteristics. Experienced professionals in the sector combine the […]