Oihana Sanchez, autor en HTG Express

Committed to our community for another year

We continue to help initiatives or teams that meet our values in transport. For example, we support, children’s teams that teach respect, effort, responsibility and passion for […]


Thank you for 2019. Welcome to 2020.

Tangier Med: the Maghreb’s commitment to leading transport in the Mediterranean.

The Moroccan port of Tangier Med is the largest port in Africa and the Mediterranean in cargo capacity and the second in the Arab world. Located […]

Sport, a key element for a healthy company

In addition to being loaded with positive values, sport is vital for the personal and professional development of a person. As some studies* indicate, physical exercise […]

Using technology to improve your shipments

In order to offer the best urgent industrial transport services, in HTG Express we use the latest technology in logistics. It enables us to optimize the […]

5 key points about HTG Express services

Whether it´s for an urgent industrial transport by road between two European cities or for an express delivery by air from the other side of the […]

Providing fast answers: a complete solution in less than 10 minutes

Teams dedicated to customer groups and a strategic positioning of our fleet of vehicles across Europe give us a competitive edge to offer our customers both […]

HAPPY 2019

The time has come.

A year filled with achievements for the HTG Express “family”

Little by little, the “HTG Express family” is growing and supporting an increasing number of teams and projects. In 2018, we sponsored a variety of sporting disciplines : the Eglantins […]