Txita and the end of project Biziz

It all happened so quickly that it´s difficult to believe that the 5 expeditions have already arrived home. More than 20 000 km travelled, full of adventures and misadventures. The complex organization that was implemented was successful. Txita, as leader of the Project thanked all involved and said that HTG Express was a great ally. The drivers were supportive, arriving every day at the same time as the heavily laden tricycles. In more difficult terrains such as the Alps, the cyclists could count on the help of a dedicated van where and when they were needed.

The participants learnt a lot during the journey. The objective was to document the diversity in Europe on different themes such architecture, communities, biodiversity, gastronomy or sexuality. They built up a human map that gives a clear picture of the European continent as alive and kicking and that the people that inhabit it are what give it energy. Farmers and companies across Europe are investing in sustainable growth. Communities and organizations are looking for solutions to local environmental problems thereby improving others.

Now the participants have arrived home, with tired legs but happy. This expedition is finishing, but there will be others…

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