Emergency situation in the BIZIZ project after a mechanical failure

avería-Txita-HTGThe five convoys of the BIZIZ Project are on the road, cumulating kilometers and encounters around Europe. As we knew from the beginning, this adventure was not going to be easy and one of the events that we had foreseen was mechanical breakdowns and in this aspect we have a great ally in HTG.

Daniel Ruiz comments : “Last Friday we received a call from Gdansk in Poland : The “Sexuality” convoy had fallen by the wayside because one of the sensors that detects movement to activate electrical assistance was broken. It´s neither a standard part nor one that usually breaks, so we didn´t have any spares. We had to get one sent urgently. I spoke to HTG and they told me the best solution was to collect the part by road using one of their vehicles and then transfer it to their Premium Air Cargo thus allowing us to receive the part within 24 hours. The convoys can´t stop, everyday they need to stop in a different place. The following day, members of the expedition contacted me. They´d received the package, fixed the repair and were en route.

Right now, the “Sexuality” expedition is in the city of Wroclaw that shares the European Capital of Culture title with San Sebastian this year. Thanks to HTG, they arrived on time and without further problems.


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