Dani Ruiz (Txita): “HTG Express is the perfect partner”

It´s a pleasure to work in a collaborative way like we do with Txita Txirrindak, the bicycle-taxi company. For the last few months we have been partners on the Biziz project to celebrate San Sebastian City of Culture 2016. For this adventure, they entrusted the logistical work to HTG Express. It has been a great experience for all involved.

As described in previous posts, five expeditions are travelling through Europe, departing from different points to converge in their final destination, San Sebastian. Their objective is to promote conviviality, sustainable development and a healthy lifestyle.

Dani Ruiz, the founder of Txita Txirrindak, explains in this video how the idea of HTG´s sponsorship came about : “We realized straightaway that they were the perfect partners to do what we needed. We would define their work as fast, efficient and reliable. From the start, they listened to our needs and proposed a personalized solution and on top of that with a level of empathy that we haven´t experienced elsewhere”.

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