Customised urgent transport solutions


When we ask a customer about their express requirements, the majority reply they don´t have any as all is perfectly planned so that goods are shipped via conventional means.  And that´s true !

Our specialty is to offer a solution when things don´t go as planned.  It´s a fact that most emergencies are resolved using fast means.

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week transporting critical goods through a large volume of operations.  This allows us to be reactive and propose a suitable solution, either with a trailer, smaller vehicle or by air.

 For example last March, one of our customers in France required the delivery of more than 50 units over a weekend.  The production line couldn´t be stopped so every 60 minutes a van left for Germany.  During an hectic weekend, wesupplied the necessary vehicles for our customer, thereby successfully delivering the goods 24 hours later in the factory in Germany.  Obviously, this wasn´t the cheapest option but the most appropriate considering millions of euros were at stake for a project.

Different solutions need to be found when the guaranteed respect of loading and unloading times are required due to restrictions in town centres or special loading equipment is awaiting the goods.

The nature of the goods to be delivered also require further solutions that ensure minimal risk of damage or theft and avoid additional handling and transhipment in warehouses.

From HTG Express, you can expect the service described above with care and monitoring : complete and regular information on the location of your goods at all times.

Do you have an emergency ?  We deliver peace of mind.

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