BIZIZ : 15.000 km by bicycle start with HTG Express

HTG Express se encarga de la logística del proyecto Biziz dentro de Donostia 2016.

In a few days, the project BIZIZ will start.  Five expeditions including 2 tricycles and a bicycle will travel 15 000 km throughout Europe as itinerant ambassadors of San Sebastian European Capital of Culture 2016.   They will be promoting sustainable development and healthy living.  TxitaTxirrindak is the company in charge of the project and they have entrusted the logistical organization of this adventure to HTG Express.  Synergies have emerged between the two companies and a closer collaboration is envisaged for the future.

Dani Ruiz, founder of TxitaTxirrindak tells us more :

We cannot hide the excitement we feel on embarking on this adventure. And like us, other companies have seen the benefits of being involved in this project and the added-value that they can bring in different ways, such as helping with logistics.  Indeed, HTG Express will provide an exclusive and dedicated service to deliver the vehicles required to the departure point of each of the 5 expeditions.  We share common values such as transparency as well as providing a service of proximity.  We have every confidence that HTG Express will deliver the goods in the right place and on time.

In just a few days the expeditions will begin.   The itinerant ambassadors will start their European odyssey and we invite you to visit our blog to find out more about their adventures and encounters as they travel through our ancient continent.

Everything is ready.  We´ll see you on the road.

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