20 years have sped by !


The company HIRUTRANS GARRAIOAK S.L. (HTG Express) was founded on the 22nd June 1998 offering express industrial transport with a guaranteed quality service. However, what has proved to be the most important aspect of our work to understand isn´t how to transport goods from one place to another but to keep our customer updated during transit. This is why, from the beginning, we have invested in high performing technology solutions to optimize transport management.

We have made a lot of progress: opening two more offices, increasing staff numbers, founding an Air department, launching My HTG, deploying new products such as FLEX and the HTG application for Suppliers … Every action has allowed us to offer an improved level of express service and thereby position us as one of the best companies in the industry.

Naturally, none of this would be possible without the true strength of HTG Express : its´ people. We are proud to count amongst our staff some of the best professionals from different fields, more than 10 nationalities as well as a cohesive group made up of 100 individuals that contribute to and reinforce the whole team.

And this is just the beginning!



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